Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Graze review and giveaway

Graze sent me an example of their snack pack. This is the box that came. It was a bit smaller than I expected but it is a snack pack after all.

My profile was set to gluten free so I received the following. TASTY!! The pistachios and fudge sundae were my favorites. Check out how to get started. and how they give back.

This is the underside.

-No GMO's
-No artificial flavors or colors
-No high fructose corn syrup

Check out their snack collection HERE. It is SUPER tasty, portioned controlled, and healthy!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Noble Originals review and giveaway

Noble Originals sent me a lemongrass body scrub which is like this lavender scrub.

"gently scrub away dead, flaky skin while nourishing and moisturizing your skin "
-  all-natural,
- gluten-free,
- vegan-friendly
- shelf life up to 12 months due to no preservatives.

I will spare you pictures of Mr Crazy lifes boot feet, but let me tell you... this stuff is heaven in a jar. It really helps slough of summer skin and gives way to fresh new skin!

Please note – because the body scrubs are all-natural with the only preservative being Vitamin E, they have a shelf life of 12 months. :)

Their mission is "to create vegan-friendly, simple skin care products from eco-friendly and organically sourced ingredients without artificial fillers, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or synthetic coloring. I create my uniquely handmade skin care line by using completely vegan ingredients! No animal testing. Due to handcrafting the size, color and shape may vary slightly. Most products ship next day."

Enter here! :)

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ReCap lids review and giveaway

ReCAP sent me three lids to review with my own opinion. This was by far one of my favorite products because of the sheer usefullness! I received one wide mouth lid and 2 regular. There are some items that NEED a pour lid on it (chocolate chips). This helps the chocolate chips from falling on your face as you eat them from the jar (just kidding… sort of). This lid could also be of great help so those chocolate chips or bulk yogurt raisins from falling on the floor as they all pile into your hand while you try to shove a bunch quietly into your mouth when your children arent looking. No, I have not done this. EVER. 
 I use mason jars for pretty much EVERYTHING in my house.
Organizing the pantry, the laundry cabinet, Hiding the sundrops (similar to M&M’s), Storing Cupcake wrappers, Coconut oil in the bathroom for oil pulling, Pen holder, Organizing small linen closet essentials, and trying to keep the fridge organized. The recap lid is great to use on a mason jar when I make juice also! One of my favorites is carrot, apple, cucumber, celery and beet. YUM! This is my favorite way to clean out the fridge.

So many uses so little time. How do you reCAP?
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Soap Box Soaps review and giveaway

 soap box soaps sent me this bar of lemon grass soap to review with my own opinion.
Look at this bar! I wish you could smell this. It is amazing. Here is a link to all their soaps. By purchasing their soaps you provide soap, clean water and vitamins to other countries. How great is that?  Read more on their movement and see what they are all about.
 Check the retail locator to see if you can buy it locally. Buy online and use HELLOWORLD20 and receive 20% off your purchase.

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Masterlock 5900D Space Safe review

Masterlock sent me this handy contraption to review with my honest opinion.

A trip to the beach recently made me realize we had no safe place for our things. If we wanted to lock something up it could easily be stolen. I then saw this product. It can hold cell phone and keys and wind the cord through the zipper pulls of a backpack. We usually position ourselves near the swings mid beach so we could actually attach this to the swing set itself. I don’t think we would ever leave our bags by themselves, but this would be great if we ever needed to.
When you set the lock to the combination the cable disengages and allows it to be free on one side. Then push it back into the slot and mess up the combo. This could also be useful for a teenagers locker, a desk drawer at work, bike, etc. The cord isn’t extremely long, but long enough it can be attached to a backpack and wrapped around a bleacher leg for school events etc. It is lightweight and has shock absorbing foam inside. SO Cool.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clearly Filtered Pitcher review and giveaway

 Clearly Filtered sent me a water pitcher to review. I apologize for the compressed pictures. Apparently my phones settings got messed with.

This is a very sturdy water pitcher. The filter is easier to prep than the Brita. No soaking of the filter and no running through a pitcher or two of water before use.
The filter lasts 5 times longer than Brita.  This filtesr 200 gallons.  Brita filter 40 gallons
The cost of the filter is comparable to the other brands. However this one you use one filter vs multiple for the other brands.
The MAJOR DIFFERENCE:  Clearly Filtered removes impurities while Brita reduces.  
Brita does not remove fluoride.  
This pitcher makes water taste BETTER than bottled.  There is no regulation on bottled water so it can be taken from one source and bottled with no filtration whatsoever.  Brita makes no claim for many of the contaminates that Clearly Filter removes.
Easy website to maneuver through, the product is well packaged, and the instructions are easy.
The videos on website are great and they have great option for portable filtering (ie sports bottles for school)!
The down side is you cannot  buy filter locally.  However, with free shipping not that big of a deal
I also see no way to know when the filter needs replaced.  Maybe just have a location on the pitcher designed to write the replace date?
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lukes organics crackers and chips review and giveaway

Lukes organics sent me a selection of chips and crackers to try.  
The founder was diagnosed with celiac disease when he was 7 years old and been on the lookout for great tasting, gluten free snacks ever since. 
Part of the proceeds from sales will go to the red cross (for severe weather disaster relief).
Finding tasty snacks that are gluten free is very difficult. These don't even taste Gluten free! They are non gmo and filled with great quality ingredients on top of it. The flavors are wonderful and have a great texture.
Organic, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, Allergy-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan, Whole-Grain, Multi-Grain and Seed Chips and Crackers!

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