Sunday, March 30, 2014

KidOFit shoes review and giveaway

KidOFit sent me this pair of shoes for my personal opinion. This is probably the coolest shoe I have ever seen for kids (especially for the younger kids).  Where o where do I begin?! 

Let’s starts from the bottom. My favorite feature is the clear bottom to see where their toes are! BRILLIANT!!! No more pushing on the toes to guess where the ends of their toes are! I absolutely adore this shoe based on this feature alone.

Read up on KidOFit site regarding kids foot health.


These shoes have a perfect fit system. They have Velcro across the top and along the heel as well as an elastic collar. This guarantees a nice comfortable fit as your child grows.
Kidofit has a wide toe box that allows for comfort while doing all the things that kids do without pinching their precious toes.

The shoes come with two inserts that offer even more of a customized fit for your child. This also allows the shoes to be worn longer and cost you less money in the long run.
The bottom of the shoe is made with thin flexible elastomer which mimics barefoot walking while promoting natural foot motion.
The interior is made from soft fabric, foam padding and seamless construction. This would be great for kids who have sensitive tactile issues. Little Crazy life often goes without socks just for this reason… seems in socks drive her crazy as does overly snug shoes. She LOVES these shoes.
From the KidOFit website.

"KidOFit shoes were created by Ron Bar who has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering! He specializes in foot biomechanics and ergonomics design. The shoes are engineered with unique features designed to promote healthy foot development during the early stages of growth and offer unsurpassed comfort and protection."

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Monday, March 10, 2014

toast-ite grill review and giveaway

Toas-Tite sent me the coolest thing EVER!! 

"Made of Die Cast Aluminum, with Steel Rods and Hardwood Handles. Just Like
the Original. Packaged in Retro Box with Reprints of 1949 Instruction and Recipe Booklets. Use on Gas and Electric Stoves, over a BBQ, Fire-pit, Fire Place,
or Camp Fire."

With spring arriving VERY soon, I am very excited to try this bad boy out!! Im looking forward to making extra pockets of goodness and saving them for little crazy life to take in her lunches.

Take a look at the video for an egg tortilla breakfast and read the fun comments on the guest book! :)


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Emily Claire Creations Necklace review and giveaway

Emily Claire Creations sent me this adorable necklace to review and give away. It is nice and heavy. Its been hard wrestling this one away from my nearly 6 year old. She wants it for herself and not the CrazyLifeAsMom readers.

This is the clasp on the necklace making it secure on little ones and it doesn't easily fall off. I didn't even put it on little crazy life or I knew I wouldn't get it back for you all.

Here is a close up of the beads. SO cute!  This will make some little girl one HAPPY little princess!!!


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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kiss my face Shower gell review

I received two Early to Bed and Early to Rise Shower gels by Kiss My Face for my personal opinion and review only.
I'm always on the lookout for healthier products to replace or compliment my current arsenal of products. I avoid phthalate, parabens, and fragrance like the plaque. Did you know phthalates are endocrine disruptors? The EPA states that parabens and phthalates are classified as such due to “their ability to modify the endocrine and/or hormonal system” If you learn nothing else today, please read this introduction in this link. If you have children I urge you to do research into these ingredients commonly found in children’s products, lip balms, lotions, sunscreens etc. Kiss My Face is actually one of the brands that we frequent just because of their alternate ingredients that they use. This goes for sunscreen as well! 
 These two items smell amazing and no chemicals that I try to avoid. My daughter loved them both but tends to lean toward early to bed shower gel. In a pinch I have used these as bubble bath.  Things I love....
  • biodegradable
  • gluten free ingredients
  • paraben free
  • phthalate free
  • sls free
  • vegan friendly
  • no animal testing
  • no artificial flavors
  • no artificial fragrances
     Kiss My Face Early To Bed Shower Gel  retails for $10.95. It includes botanicals, clove, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, neroli and ylang ylang to relax, calm and soothe the skin. The Olive Oil in this product superb moisturizer for all skin types
    Kiss My Face Early To Rise Shower Gel also retails for 10.95,. The hydrotherapy and aromatherapy work together with bay, basil, eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen botanicals. The olive oil is in this product as well.

    Sunday, February 9, 2014

    Booda Organics review and giveaway
    Booda organics sent me this pack of goodies to review with my own personal opinion. I really love the company story.

    "Booda Organics grew from our own personal desire to only use pure body care products that we could trust for ourselves and our loved ones. Discovering that truly unadulterated products are very difficult to find, we decided to just make our own… So after a little lovin' in the kitchen, BOODA BUTTER moisturizer was first born."
    Booda Organics is a family-run operation. This makes me very happy to support them. Products are always hand-crafted in small batches that started in Golden CO and now moved to Bellingham WA.

    The body butter is so smooth and soft that its been great in this super cold snap we are having with snow and ice. My favorite part is the ingredients.... Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil (*Organic). No chemicals or harsh ingredients that shouldn't be on your skin. Just pure LOVE Which means you can "spread the love" per the slogan on their product.

    The booda butter in the tube is in an oval shape which makes it much easier to carry in jean pockets while it lays flat against the body. BRILLIANT!! Mr Crazy Life even snatched one of these from me. :)   This has healed VERY chapped lips almost overnight. AMAZING!!Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Candelilla Wax (*Organic) 

    Check out if there is a store that carries this in your area. 
    Enter to win your own booda butter here!

    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

    Daddy N Company pajama pants review and giveaway!

    I received a pair of valentine pajama pants from Daddy N Company for my own personal review. These are SUPER soft with a tie string in front and single back pocket. These are even better once washed. Mr. Crazy Life isn't usually one to wear things like this but these are so soft he couldn't say no. These fit very well and are standard sizes of s, m, l.

    single back pocket

    Daddy Scrubs has gone through some changes. You can see my previous review here.  DaddyScrubs is now Daddy & Company. Their site states "Dad-centric apparel and accessories has expanded to include quality products for Expectant, New, Active, and Experienced Daddies.  Due to this exciting expansion, we've decided Daddy & Company more accurately represents our ever-growing line of products for all dads."

    I love this company for unique presents for dads and dads to be. This year they are going to have  new line of Daddy Products, new designs,upgraded Daddy Diaper Packs, Matching Dad & Toddler T-shirt sets to name a few. How exciting!

    If you cannot wait to see if you win these great pajama pants you can use Coupon Code: BLOG14 to  for a 10% discount on their website.  

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     Enter to win a pair of pajama pants here! :)
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    Friday, January 24, 2014

    Golazo review and giveaway

    Golazo is an all-natural energy drink and sports hydration made with the athletes in mind. These were very tasty and made of natural ingredients and nothing you cannot pronounce. These are not sugar free, however there are not any chemicals and they have half the sugar of many leading energy drinks on the market. 
    Things I LOVE– Non-GMO, low sugar, gluten free and all natural. All natural is a popular buzz word so I really don’t pay much attention to it and look more at other factors.
    Things I don’t love as much – sweetness. I'm not a big fan of sweetened beverages. I actually think some of the sugar could be cut out of this product. I think with the daily average of sugar consumption and so many sources of hidden sugar this should be considered. However if you are using this as an athlete then this might not be as big of an issue.  There is a sugar free version as well (which I did not review) for those who want no sugar.
    Mr Crazy Life As Mom likes these for the hard weightlifting and cardio days.
    All Natural Sports energy -

    -Carbonated water, Cane sugar, glucose, citric acid, sodium citrate, caffeine, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract (plant based sweetener), yerba Mate extracts, and natural flavor
    -100 mg of caffeine - from coffee beans and yerba mate which is the equivalent to a cup of coffee.
    -Half the sugar as many leading drinks on the market
    -One can is only 90 calories
    -The energy/hydration has added potassium and sodium which are electrolytes for hydration.
    -Latin inspired flavors – Jamaica (Hisbiscus punch), mandarina, and Mango Limon.
    All natural sports hydration-



     -Water, cane sugar, coconut water concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, salt
    -50% less sodium than leading sports drinks
    -Made with coconut water which is a source of potassium.
    -one bottle is 2.5 servings – which means this has 32g of sugar and 150 calories per bottle.  (Again.. not an issue if you use this as a supplement with workouts and not just as an alternative to soda or other drinks)
    -The energy/hydration has added potassium and sodium which are electrolytes for hydration.
    -Hydration and replenishment have electrolytes and carbs
    -Latin inspired flavors – Jamaica (Hisbiscus punch), mandarina, lemonida and Mango Limon.
    Golazo (go-LAH-so) n. Spanish word meaning a brilliant goal in soccer, the world’s most popular sport.  Screamed in stadiums and living rooms throughout the world, it is a cherished word that celebrates the greatest moments of the beautiful game. Often pronounced: GOLAAAAAZOOOO!!
    Vision: We are the passion brand for soccer. With the ball as our compass we will create a platform for human potential and the belief that everyone is born to score!
    Mission: We Fuel FĂștbol with beverages that use the best All Natural ingredients, with Latin-inspired flavors, and functionality designed for the pitch.”
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