Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Smart Flour foods pizza review and giveaway

Smart Flour sent me 3 pizzas and a pizza crust for my honest review.

These babies were TASTY! It is really hard to find gluten free options that actually taste good and get crunchy like regular pizza.

"Our use of ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff gives our flour blend an enhanced nutritional profile, including more minerals, vitamins and fiber. The blend also provides enhanced flavor and texture. "

Having a gluten free Mr Crazy Life is not easy when the rest of the house is not. We try to keep most things Gluten Free (GF).  We both go to school and work day jobs on top of having a 6 year old little crazy life in the house and her activities. Some days we need a quick dinner option and these are awesome! We have tried MANY GF crusts in the past as well as making our own. They just don’t get crispy enough to make us want pizza. 

These are great!! One pizza fits on a dinner plate, so depending on your portion size it could easily be one per person. However in our family we try to have salad on the side, so one pizza was enough to feed 2 people. 

The texture was great and chewy inside. It was not overly covered with cheese so from a calorie perspective that was good.

As those of you who are GF know, finding comparable products that are delicious is very difficult, but these were great.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Kitchen Safe review and giveaway

Kitchen safe sent me this fantastic contraption. How fun is this? If you have kids this is a fun little tool for the parent. Have a child begging for something? Put it in this kitchen safe and they can quit asking! When the lid unlocks they can get it out themselves! They can watch the time tick away and check all they want.
1) Place an item in the Kitchen Safe
2) Rotate the button to set the timer
3) Press the button to activate the lock - Once locked, the Kitchen Safe cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero.

Also great for parents who are trying to quit smoking or limiting themselves treats that are made. Did you get chocolates for an anniversary? Lock them up and space out the availability to get them. All it takes is a push of the round disk on top to lock, or a twist of the disk to increase/decrease time. Did you child get an electronic item or phone taken away? LOCK it up! Trying to quit smoking? Lock it up!
 Mission - "We are committed to building effective, simple, and fun products that help people achieve their goals by improving self-control." 
There are an infinite number of uses for this! Lock all keys away during holidays to reduce drunk driving if you have guests at your home.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Red Apple lipstick brand Eyeshadows and primer - review and giveaway

Red Apple Lipstick sent me their Gluten Free eyeshadow in a collecter edition z-pallete and Prime Time eyeshadow primer for my honest opinion.

The z-palette holds up to 9 magnetized red apple eyeshadows. I received a z-pallette with 4 shadows (Beachy Keen, Minx, like u latte and iced mocha) and a prime time eye shadow primer.

These shadows are amazing! Now I MUST fill this empty space. Many eyeshadows make my lids itch. This often happens more in the summer. With Red Apple so far there is no itching and the color stays on far longer than other brands I have tried. The color is light and goes on smooth. It is easily blended with the finger and stays put.I love the colors! They are true to what you see on the website.
Prime Time eyeshadow primer. – This primer corrects any discolorations or veins in your eyelids. Its not a liquid, cream or powder. If feels more of a borderline cream to me, but its amazing! Just a little does wonders and prevents creasing mid day. This is a very lightweight cream/powder (crowder?) again, this is Gluten and paraben free also.

I LOVE this company. Check out my lipstick review that I did last summer.  
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Koochikoo sugar free cookies review and giveaway

Koochikoo sent me a bag of each of their sugar free cookies for my honest opinion.

These are sweetened with Monk fruit and boy are they tasty!!

The consensus was the chocolate chip and oatmeal were our favorites due to them being slightly crunchy.

The chocolate chip reminds me of a MUCH better version of a terrible cereal that was mini chocolate chip cookies in my youth.

The strawberry and brownie eaten together were a second favorite. I think I see a trend of chocolate here! :)
The cookies are bite size which is great for portioning them out and feeling like you get a lot per serving although with two of us eating out of the bag they didn't last long. These are vegan, kosher and non GMO! Right on!

These cookies are small but mighty!! I absolutely love them and will now be added to our special treat list for little crazy life.
With every purchase made a donation is made to smiletrain.org. Take a look here for a list of events.
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Disclaimer: This blog is not responsible for the fulfillment of the prize. This item will come straight from the company.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daddy N Company skincare baby bundle review and giveaway

Daddy N Company sent me three products for my honest review. Baby Shampoo & Body wash, Baby Bubble bath and Baby lotion in calming lavender. Check out this... Daddy N company is on the Healthy child healthy world site!! Way to go!

Made in the USA and all chemical free! How awesome is that?!  The only thing I did look for is sulfates and it appears that they us sodium Laurylglucodides which is typically derived from coconut. SCORE!

Healthy Child Healthy World CertifiedMade in the USA
Pharmacist Recommended
Daddy Approved

"Daddy’s Health & Skin Care is committed to providing you safe and effective products for you and your children that you can feel great about! Daddy & Company believes your children are our future, and we want them to grow up in a healthy world."

The smell is very mild and cleans great. We don't care about lather here, but it did have a slight lather and left no residue.

We are particular about the products we use and these are great from the littles to the adults!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kiss Naturals bath fizzy review and giveaway

Kiss Naturals  sent me this bath fizzy kit. This was SO FUN! The packaging said "pink colored" but the content was visibly blue. The measuring cup markings were hard to read so I used a sharpie to mark.
This kit came with witch hazel, secret formula, silicone mold, mixing cup, spatula and natural fragrance. We don’t use scent in our home so this seemed strong to us, however for many this probably wont be an issues.
Very simple steps to follow and easy to mix. When we were putting the mix into the molds we pushed hard and got the majority of the mixture into the molds. The pressure caused the silicone mold to be slightly out of shape.
We waited 12 hours as directed and got half the fizzies from the mold without breakage. I think this may have been either a)not mixed well enouugh or not pressed into the mold well enough. In any case these are great fun for kids and my daughter loves them. It would be nice to have a refill kit for these to purchase.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yummi bear organics Multi Vitamins review and giveaway

Hero nutritionals send me their yummy bear organics multi vitamins for kids. As always these are my own opinions and was not financially compensated.

These vitamins are super tasty!! They are all natural colors and flavors and have a slight coating to give them texture. NO GMO's, no gluten, yeast, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts shellfish, fish, or artificial preservatives. AWESOME!
from their site
Yummi Bears Organics Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
GMO, Gluten, Dairy, Soy & Allergen Free. All Natural Fruit Flavors & Colors.

•  16 essential vitamins and minerals for a child’s healthy growth and development†
•  GMO Free
•  Fruit pectin base / Vegetarian approved

Im sold on these! I have to stop myself from taking them because they are super delicious! The three of us kept taking them and went through the bottle FAST even though they were for little crazy life.

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