Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Essential oil diffuser and pendant review and giveaway

www.NewGreenAir.com sent me a Now Foods Ultrasonic oil diffuser

This product is so awesome. Ive recently gotten into essential oils for health and healing purposes. The first place this went was in our room. Mr. Crazy Life has a hard time sleeping some nights. Per the instructions I grabbed some luke warm water and lavender essential oil. I filled the base to the fill line and added 6 drops of essential oil.  I clicked the button on the base to start a show of rainbow colors fading into eachother and the cold steam coming out the top of the cone.  

In the other one I put 2 drops of lemongrass, 2 drops of tangerine, and 2 drops of orange. I put this on the counter in our open kitchen.
I absolutely LOVE these diffusers. The only thing I wish was that there was a plugin battery option for them so I could use one on the tall shelf in my daughters room. The battery in the base would not mix well with the water being used, but would like to see another option. This unit runs for 6 hours with autoshut off. 

At night you are able to click the button a second time so that it just emits a soft blue light. Mr Crazy Life cant sleep with the blue light so I have to run the diffuser for the night before we get into bed. It would be nice to have a no light feature.
When we turned these on, instant amazement was had by us all. The house just seemed calmer and smelled amazing. We are able to customize the scents we want without all the chemicals in commercial products. We have even made a thieves oil blend and tried that for the upcoming school year. Thieves oil is supposed to help with the immune system, so we will most likely be running that blend at least once a week to help prevent any sickness.
Pendants  - Greenair is now offering a fabulous line of Essential Oil Jewelry. These are hand-blown glass but they have sterling silver pendants also. The necklaces allow you to carry your favorite essential oil. Add a couple drops of essential oil and the oil disperses from your body heat warming the glass/oil. These come with a velvet jewelry bag and 2 - 3ml droppers.
This could be very beneficial for kids who have problems focusing as well as adults. I would like to see some more masculine necklaces for boys and some more simple designs for young girls.

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